College Life


Mondays-COLLEGE LIFE:  All college students (incoming Freshman to outgoing Seniors) are welcome to join us from 7-9p at the Pastoral Offices (510 Columbus Ave) for COLLEGE LIFE.  We will be prayerful discussing the upcoming Sunday Gospel as well as diving into topics that are unique to college students.  Come Join In!

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Being Christ's Hands and Feet

Dear Catholic Parishes of Sandusky

Greetings in Christ! I hope this letter finds you well. If you have just a few moments, I would love to share a beautiful opportunity with you and invite you to be part of a wonderful mission outreach.

I am writing on behalf of Franciscan University’s Ecuador mission. The Ecuador mission is the only medical and catechetical mission on campus. Founded by Francisco De la Torre, a Franciscan University graduate, the mission was organized to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in his native country.

Let's See How Far We've Come (Pt 2)

A few weeks ago a previous Life Teen Teenager here in Sandusky sent me an editorial he had written in Class (editorial was posted in Pt 1).  Cory Pfanner is now a Sophomore at the Ohio State University.  Let's see where he is at in his faith journey now!  Care to Share your story?

Covecrest 2014

Join us for the most awesome week of your life-COVECREST 2014!  We will travel down to Tiger, GA for a week of Life Teen Summer Camp, complete with bunk-style living, whitewater rafting, and the beautiful mountains of GA.  This week of faith, fun and fellowship is one you don't want to miss!

Check out the flyer and information below and then contact Brittany at



March for Life 2014

Our Annual March for Life Pilgrimage will be January 21-22, 2014.  Join us as we stand up on our nation's capital to protest the Supreme Court Ruling of Roe Vs. Wade that legalized abortion.  




Mission - The mission of EDGE is to gather the Junior High teens together in a trusting and safe environment, where they desire to grow in their knowledge of the faith, experience prayer and the Sacraments, and be inspired to serve others.


A CORE member's perspective


Brittany’s invitation to Covecrest came much to a surprise to me as it happened within a week of leaving.  However, with the way everything played out so well in my schedule, I could already tell God would be doing amazing things on this trip, and I was definitely right about that!  To see the hearts of so many teens set on fire for Christ was truly awesome beyond words and very encouraging.  These teens opened their hearts so willingly and gave everything to Christ only to be filled with His abundant love. 


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